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A new album has been released this month with a new style

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defined as the rhythm listeners would tap their toes to when listening to a piece of music.

Manolo Monterrubio


the production of an electrical, electronic, or digital audio signal that ultimately

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I am Musician, Bodybuilder and Lifestyle Influencer

Apart from having a unique vocal quality that can be immediately recognized as his music, he takes the audience on a journey through a world where joy and privilege balance summary and uplifting tunes. His love for music goes beyond the ambit of his unique sense of mixing tunes. His passion for all things music began when he was growing up as he used to participate in various music festivals around the world.
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Starts with very high vibrations to create a chill atmosphere and at the moment strong which produces a perfect combination between lows and highs for a perfect sense of hearing.

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    Manolo Monterrubio

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